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Save Money on Landscaping


If you own a home, you’ll quickly realize there are hidden costs of keeping your property in presentable condition.  Not only do maintenance costs add-up as you strive to stay on top of repairs, but home improvements are also on the budget agenda, requiring capital above and beyond the regular costs of home ownership.  And if the expenses associated with keeping your house and other structures are not enough, landscaping the grounds and keeping the exterior in good shape are also important ongoing costs pulling on your domestic budget.

There are a number of approaches to take when addressing exterior conditions on your property, which hinge on the unique features of the land surrounding your home, to a certain extent.  Regardless of the physical characteristics of your property, however, there are money saving opportunities available to ease the budget pressure without sacrificing the quality of your home’s exterior landscaping.  Likewise, savings prevail at every budget level, so even those with limited landscaping needs can build savings into their approaches.

As you formulate your landscaping plans and begin to sketch out outdoor designs, lean on these proven strategies to keep costs in-line and present your property in its best possible light.

Do it Yourself

Not everyone has a green thumb, so self-inspired landscaping can be an intimidating proposition.  Still, there is money to be saved by contributing your own talents to your domestic landscaping projects.  And while you may not be capable of installing large trees on your property, adding small plants, vines and shrubs may be well within your comfort level.  Hiring a professional landscaping company has its advantages, to be sure, but it comes with a price tag, so expect to pay top dollar for quality services.

Make it Count

Successful landscaping is all about creating the proper scale for the features you add to exterior spaces.  Adding only a few sparse plants, shrubs, or trees, for example, does not go far enough to create a unified appearance, resulting instead in a fragmented look.  On the other hand, micro-managing the space by incorporating small-scale flower beds results in an unmanageable green space and consistently stretches budgets thin as you strive to fill vast spaces with small plants.

Finding the happy medium conserves costs, because the plants you select fill spaces adequately, leaving room for them to grow over time.  As a result, it is important to take a wide-angle approach to your landscaping needs, crafting realistic blueprints of what you’d like to see in the final product.  Once established, it becomes easier to fill in the blanks with vegetation within your budget.  By making each selection count, you’ll ultimately realize your landscaping visions, without breaking the bank.

Split Plants as the Grow

As your gardens and flower beds continue to expand from season to season, you’ll find some of the plants they contain grow quickly, outgrowing the space you’ve dedicated to particular pieces of vegetation.  For landscapers operating on a budget, this is a prime opportunity to save money on your exterior projects.

Splitting plants and spreading them around your property elevates its appearance, without further investment.  Hostas and other plants, for example, withstand transplants and actually respond favorably when they are split.  Propagating shoots is also viable in some cases, as cuttings thrive when planted in the same soil as their “parents”.

If there is a disadvantage to this landscaping approach, it is a lack of variety.  Fortunately, this shortfall is easily addressed by sharing landscaping resources with neighbors.  As you split existing plants, others in your area are doing the same, furnishing low-budget ways to share the bounty.