What You Need To Know About Solar Water Heating Systems


Solar energy has been in the news often lately. Due to its cost-effective nature, many homes and businesses are now relying on solar energy to power their electricity. As solar power’s popularity rises, it has become useful in many other areas besides just powering electricity. One of these areas is water heating.


There are a few types of solar water heating system available on the market today. The two primary types of water heating systems are referred to as “active” and “passive” systems. Active systems work by distributing the water through the system with a series of pumps. The pumps make the active systems more efficient, but also more expensive.


Understanding the different systems within each group is essential for selecting a solar hot water heating system. While the passive systems may be more reliable in the long run,  they aren’t suitable for every type of home. Homes that are located in colder climates will be better suited by a system that utilizes freezing resistant liquids, which can only be found in active solar heating systems. Households that are relatively active during the day will find certain passive systems more to their liking. It’s not just important, but necessary to take the time to meticulously consider every factor that goes into selecting and installing your solar water heating system. Everything from the climate you live in to the local laws can affect how your system is installed. Since the process is so complicated, you should strongly consider hiring a professional contractor.


After the system is installed, the job still isn’t done. Regular maintenance is required to keep your system running smooth and strong. Have your contractor inspect your equipment every few years and be aware that active systems will need more attention. In fact, the active systems will need to have various parts replaced as time goes on. Now that you’ve gotten your solar system installed, you can maximize the cost-effectiveness by looking into other energy preserving items. Installing solar power in your home can offer an excellent starting point for branching out into other areas of cost-effective home improvement. In this day and age, you can find everything from energy saving light bulbs to dishwashers and laundry machines that use a fraction of the water to do their jobs. There’s an entire world of energy efficient products just waiting to be utilized.


Despite the upfront cost, a solar power system will more than pay for itself in savings through the years. Whether you’re interested in saving a few bucks on your energy bill or looking to become a more environmentally conscious person, a solar water heating system will save more, waste less, and benefit your home for years to come.

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