The Value of Solar: How Much Energy Would be Saved if Even Half of Florida Installed Solar Panels?

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If half of Florida installed solar panels, the amount of saved energy would surprise you! However, before we get into the math of how the savings come about, let’s get something important out of the way. Now, many people make the mistake of looking at solar panel installation from the angle of how much it costs. This is a big mistake because the whole essence of solar energy lies in cutting down the enormous amount of electrical energy consumed in households. The correct question should always read “how much energy would I save if I used solar” , and “what monetary rewards do I stand to gain if I switched to solar?”

Arguments on savings

Of course there are heated arguments out there on the exact savings, with some critics saying if savings as a result of solar were to be looked at strictly from a business sense, then one is better off putting their money in the stock market. However, the game changer rolls in when we all pause to think about why solar is important in the first place. The motivation for solar is ultimately the pursuit of clean energy, that means less pollution and reduced environmental damage. Investing in solar energy should never be compared to other forms of investment because the need for clean energy is increasingly becoming a matter of life and death. This is an enormous debate, perhaps for another day. However, this should spark some thinking that goes beyond the monetary benefits of solar panels.

Besides energy saving, other avenues through which more savings can be realized include waived fees, cash back, as well as expedited permits that will end up saving your time.

The Calculations

Let’s assume that the average Florida household consumes approximately 1KW per hour which is equivalent to 900 kWh every month. Let’s pick on an appliance like a fridge. Assuming it is energy efficient, it could consume up to 350 kWh per annum at a utility cost averaging $0.12/watt, which is below $50 in a year. A giant plasma TV, on the other hand, can consume as high as 700 kWh in a year, translating to approximately $100 annually. However, the energy consumed above plus the respective costs will most likely not be consistent. Sometimes you have visitors in your house, and the consumption will climb, same as the cost.

Now, assume you had installed a solar system with a capacity of 3kWh. Depending on the average amount of sunshine in your area, this 3kWh system can, on average, generate 450 kWh monthly. This is equivalent to about half of your electric bill per month. This implies that such a system alone can save you an amount of energy that is equal to 50% of your annual consumption. In monetary terms, if measured against the $100 bill, your installation will save you about $50 per month for the entire life of your Florida installed solar panel. Multiply these savings by half of the 6000,000 or so households in Florida and it is unbelievable how much energy can be saved!

Solar Panel Leasing as an Option

It is never a must that you purchase solar panels. You have the possibility of leasing them from a solar panel company. This will reduce the upfront installation cost, but the only thing leasing will not achieve for you is raising your home’s value.

Check Out Incentives

If you intend to install a solar panel in your Florida home, be sure to check out for more incentives from government bodies. Do the same with solar companies who are offering attractive incentives for every client who commits to a solar panel installation. There are already some areas that encourage homeowners who have installed huge solar panels to sell any extra energy to power companies in their local areas. This can be a fantastic source of additional income for those who are rarely able to be at home and are sick of paying for energy they do not use.

Why This is the Best Time to Install Solar Panels in Florida

The idea of solar power installation is a tremendous initiative that is being pushed by both the Florida government, national government, and big corporations.

Finally, you can rest assured that the decision to install a solar panel in your home is a step in the right direction. It will save you almost half the energy you use annually and let you enjoy hundreds of dollars of savings. Look at solar as a foundation for a gradual reduction in the energy you consume that will eventually see your bills grind to extremely low figures. Moreover, as you save on energy, never forget the fact that you are protecting the environment and ultimately keeping it fresh for yourself and your children’s children. Once you’re ready to commit to this investment in our future, you can head on over to to learn how you can set up a solar installation today.


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