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The Value of Solar: How Much Energy Would be Saved if Even Half of Florida Installed Solar Panels?

Wayne National Forest Solar Panel Construction

If half of Florida installed solar panels, the amount of saved energy would surprise you! However, before we get into the math of how the savings come about, let’s get something important out of the way. Now, many people make the mistake of looking at solar panel installation from the angle of how much it costs. This is a big mistake because the whole essence of solar energy lies in cutting down the enormous amount of electrical energy consumed in households. The correct question should always read “how much energy would I save if I used solar” , and “what monetary rewards do I stand to gain if I switched to solar?”

Arguments on savings

Of course there are heated arguments out there on the exact savings, with some critics saying if savings as a result of solar were to be looked at strictly from a business sense, then one is better off putting their money in the stock market. However, the game changer rolls in when we all pause to think about why solar is important in the first place. The motivation for solar is ultimately the pursuit of clean energy, that means less pollution and reduced environmental damage. Investing in solar energy should never be compared to other forms of investment because the need for clean energy is increasingly becoming a matter of life and death. This is an enormous debate, perhaps for another day. However, this should spark some thinking that goes beyond the monetary benefits of solar panels.

Besides energy saving, other avenues through which more savings can be realized include waived fees, cash back, as well as expedited permits that will end up saving your time.

The Calculations

Let’s assume that the average Florida household consumes approximately 1KW per hour which is equivalent to 900 kWh every month. Let’s pick on an appliance like a fridge. Assuming it is energy efficient, it could consume up to 350 kWh per annum at a utility cost averaging $0.12/watt, which is below $50 in a year. A giant plasma TV, on the other hand, can consume as high as 700 kWh in a year, translating to approximately $100 annually. However, the energy consumed above plus the respective costs will most likely not be consistent. Sometimes you have visitors in your house, and the consumption will climb, same as the cost.

Now, assume you had installed a solar system with a capacity of 3kWh. Depending on the average amount of sunshine in your area, this 3kWh system can, on average, generate 450 kWh monthly. This is equivalent to about half of your electric bill per month. This implies that such a system alone can save you an amount of energy that is equal to 50% of your annual consumption. In monetary terms, if measured against the $100 bill, your installation will save you about $50 per month for the entire life of your Florida installed solar panel. Multiply these savings by half of the 6000,000 or so households in Florida and it is unbelievable how much energy can be saved!

Solar Panel Leasing as an Option

It is never a must that you purchase solar panels. You have the possibility of leasing them from a solar panel company. This will reduce the upfront installation cost, but the only thing leasing will not achieve for you is raising your home’s value.

Check Out Incentives

If you intend to install a solar panel in your Florida home, be sure to check out for more incentives from government bodies. Do the same with solar companies who are offering attractive incentives for every client who commits to a solar panel installation. There are already some areas that encourage homeowners who have installed huge solar panels to sell any extra energy to power companies in their local areas. This can be a fantastic source of additional income for those who are rarely able to be at home and are sick of paying for energy they do not use.

Why This is the Best Time to Install Solar Panels in Florida

The idea of solar power installation is a tremendous initiative that is being pushed by both the Florida government, national government, and big corporations.

Finally, you can rest assured that the decision to install a solar panel in your home is a step in the right direction. It will save you almost half the energy you use annually and let you enjoy hundreds of dollars of savings. Look at solar as a foundation for a gradual reduction in the energy you consume that will eventually see your bills grind to extremely low figures. Moreover, as you save on energy, never forget the fact that you are protecting the environment and ultimately keeping it fresh for yourself and your children’s children. Once you’re ready to commit to this investment in our future, you can head on over to http://www.bobheinmillersolar.com to learn how you can set up a solar installation today.




Water Conservation Tips

Water is a very important resource, literally vital to the existence of all living beings on the planet. While we may have amazing quantities of it around the world, the sad truth is that only a small percentage of that water is actually available for consumption and some areas are suffering more than others. There is also a lot of water waste around the world for various reasons, but in the end you will need to focus on ways to save water instead of wasting it, since your consumption is directly tied to the availability of the precious resource in your area. If we, as a species want to keep our drinking water clean and available to all, water conservation practices will need to come into effect to prevent it from dwindling. The following tips will give you a few ideas you can work with:
Water Saving Tips
Switching to energy-saving solutions for your most common water needs such as laundry, dishwashing and the like is an absolute must. You can do that by using cold water for your dishwashing and laundry needs, as it will cut down on your power bill and it will allow your clothes to last longer.

Keep your eyes on the pipes, as dripping pipes will easily add to your problems in the long run. You would do well to fix the issue as soon as you can, as it will simply add on to the water bill you’re already paying, wasting water in the process you could use for yourself.
Water Saving Tips2
You must also focus on using filtered tap water instead of your usual bottled spring water. You will thus cut the expenses of shipping water to you and the greenhouse emissions from the vehicles used by a miniscule amount. The active ingredient in the filters is silver-impregnated activated carbon, which is safe for the environment and won’t have a negative impact if recycled.

If you happen to be washing your dishes by hand, then you can save quite a bit of water by filling you sink with water. Wash the dishes inside, and then rinse them under running water instead of using the water all the time. This should help bring down the overall water consumption for you in general.

You should also turn the water off when you’re brushing your teeth or shaving. This will still save quite a bit of water and you will still have the chance to complete your usual hygiene routine as you normally would.

You can also use the lukewarm and cold water coming out of your pipes when you wait for a shower or your water heater. You can use that water to water your plants before the hot water finally makes its water down the pipes.

Read more helpful tips at: http://www.tenancyclean.org.uk/N1-one-off-cleaning-islington/islington-deep-cleaning-service.html

The Future Sources of Renewable Energy

We are aware that the time of conventional energy sources is counted. Plus they are slowly killing our planet. Luckily scientists are working on replacing the malicious fossil fuels with sustainable solutions. They are searching for the next great renewable source in the most unusual places.
Solar energy is great because it’s endless and powerful. But it has one major flaw – it can be used only during a certain part of the day. Every day the sun emits particles in the form of solar wind that reach the Earth surface. When collected, this infrared radiation produces heat that can be transformed into electricity. Unfortunately, it’s still unclear how this will be done yet.
The Future Sources of Renewable Energy
Natural Waste
Cleaning after your dog during the regular park walk will finally pay off. Hire professional expert cleaners or do it yourself. It turns out that faeces contain methane that works the same way as natural gas. Scientists are already working on an efficient way to transform it into the odourless and colourless gas. You wonder how it works. After cleaning your house and place your dog waste into the biodegradable bag, it gets stored in a big container filled with microorganisms. They process the faeces and produce methane. The gas has many applications; from powering up the light to serving as a fuel. Dogs’ waste is not the only potential source. In dairy farms for instance, cows can produce large quantity of excrements. Farmers who use this method for energy supply reduce substantially their bills. After deep cleaning, cow waste can be used to produce heating fuel and electricity or it can serve more conventional role as a fertilizer. Human excrements can also do the job. According to studies, the waste from 70 homes is completely enough to have your car running for tens of thousands of miles.
The Future Sources of Renewable Energy2
Urine contains carbon, which is an essential energy source. Scientists are developing ways to extract the important fuel cell. The most significant application of generating carbon through the liquid will be in spacecraft. The advantages of the natural waste are that it’s organic and non – toxic.
Human Heat
Getting overheated in the public transport while going to work might turn beneficial for the environment. You warm body can power a whole building and countries like Sweden and France are trying to prove it. The plan is to capture the heat from train commuters in metro stations that will be used to warm water. The liquid will run through pipes and will be used later in the buildings’ ventilation.
If you need another reason to go out and party more often, well, here you go. Apparently the vibrations created while people walk and dance in the club can be captured through a “piezoelectric” technology, which causes an electric change. Sounds implausible? A club in Netherlands has already embraced the new energy source in order to power up its light shows. Imagine if you can transform the vibrations in your home, for instance, while cleaning. Combining lower electricity bills and house cleaning sounds like a dream come true. The downside is that this is an extremely expensive investment, hard to recover completely. On the other hand, the U.S. Army is already exploring the immense potential of the „piezoelectric” material. Maybe in the future you will hear your children using the environment preservation as a main excuse to go out.
One of the most ingenious ideas so far is to use ingredients from the jellyfish’s structure. We all know that these creatures have the amazing quality to glow in the dark. This is due to a special fluorescent protein that the scientists are trying to extract and use to create electricity.
It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about a bio fuel or a clever idea on how to incorporate the excess of waste while cleaning your home, there is a field for development of new energy resources.

Solar Power Buying Tips

Buying a good solar power system for your home will require quite a bit of research before you can jump into the fray, but in the end you will find what you need with a bit of work. Focus on the purely practical aspects of the job and do your best to look through the possible options before you move on with their implementation. The following tips will give you great house cleaning tips you can use to make things easier to deal with:
Solar Power Buying Tips
• Recommendations will be a welcome addition to your best cleaning approach, as the advice of friends and family can be an excellent way of learning more about their possible knowledge about solar power. Some of them may know more about photovoltaic technologies, giving you more information you can work with.

• Check the warranty as you go, making sure you take a good look at the available options and guarantees from the manufacturer of you chosen system. If they have a pretty long warranty period, such as 25 years or more, then you will have a solid time dealing with the rest of the stuff. If you want to have the warranty honored for that same period of time however, you will need to make sure you work with a good and prominent cleaning company that will last for a long time.
Solar Power Buying Tips2
• Make sure you keep your expectations within reasonable limits. Since you will be paying quite a bit for your solar power system, you should be wary of low prices. Having the price being way too low means they may be having issues or simply cheaper materials that may turn out to be a problem in the end. Check the warranty, installation service and components and see what they can offer you. Smaller cleaning companies may try their best to offer what the larger cleaning companies can, so they will look for other ways they can stay afloat and on the market. Consider that when you move forward with your purchase and do your best to adapt to what you can do to avoid it.

• Another thing you need to pay attention to is the certification of all your panel purchases. If you happen to be looking for a government rebate for the process, then you will need to focus on dealing with it in the most efficient way possible. The certification of solar panels is something that helps show the type of testing was done before putting them on the market, having it done in a laboratory independent of the house cleaning company that produced them, making sure it meets its original specs. TUV IEC 61215 is the certification that covers this and you should ensure you have it before you make your purchase.

How to Save Energy at Home?

Energy economy is becoming a more popular topic nowadays, when sustainability and renewable sources are key words for green living and synonym for healthy and safe environment. Technology and innovation work to provide us with green means of energy production. They, however, are not always readily available, nor plausible for any home. They either require a large investment or proper conditions to be met in order to be implemented and function at optimal levels. With all this in mind, it is often times impossible to find opportunities for green energy.
What you can do in this case is use other means of simply saving energy at home and even during your household cleaning routine. This is also quite environmentally friendly and the best part is these tips will save you money.
How to Save Energy at Home
The most important tip is to simply turn off your appliances when you are not using them. Modern household families can often reach numbers of 70 and more electrical appliances, which can really drain a substantial amount of energy, even when they are turned off. If you keep them plugged in, they will often times enter a standby mode, which keeps some of their functions online and thus consuming energy. You might be surprised at the figures, but such appliances can often time amount to more than 10% of your energy bill. It’s a rather large number for something you are not using, isn’t it? Consider this the next time you move for a long vacation, or always when you spend time away from your home. Consider turning off the devices, or use power strips. They can turn off automatically when electronic devices are plugged in and are not in use, thus saving you energy. They will not interfere with cleaning.
How to Save Energy at Home
Same goes for saving from lighting. It is as easy as turning off the lights in your house that are not in use. You can often times forget a light on for hours, especially in areas that are not so often visited. This can add to your electricity bill quite a lot. Change every bulb in your house with energy efficient brand and use motion detector light system, which will turn on only if someone enters a room. This will reduce energy usage.
Heating and cooling your clean house should come with a lot of things in mind. Is your home well insulated? If it isn’t, you should definitely consider it. A well insulated room requires less energy for heating and cooling, as it keeps the warm air inside the house during cold months, and it prevents it from entering during summer.
You can save on heating the water, if you use it more efficiently. Make a cleaning home habit of taking long showers less frequently, and replace your faucets with water-saving types.
Energy-saving is often times a matter of habit. A lot of the aforementioned tips include cleaning home actions, which every person should follow. Remember that investing in energy-efficiency is almost sure to pay off in the future.