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The Many Uses And Functions Of A TDS Meter


A TDS meter of Total Dissolved Solids meter indicates the the total dissolved solids in a liquid sample. It does just as the name states. A TDS meter will give you the total concentration of dissolved solids in the sample of water being tested.

Just like many of the meters that are used to test samples of water, the TDS meter is ultimately, another tool used to test the total conductivity of the water sample. As the dissolved solids that are ionized such as minerals or salts in water can increase the conductivity of a sample, it is used to estimate the conductivity of the sample and gives the total dissolved solids from that estimate.

There are solids that do not significantly affect the conductivity of a sample of water  such as sugars and very small solid particles. Therefor a TDS meter will not include these solids in its reading of a sample of water.

The uses of a TDS meter

There are many uses of a TDS meter, both commercial and residential uses. You may even find that you should be using a TDS meter in some aspect of your life. Even if you have never used or even seen a TDS meter before.

Fish Tanks

The first use for a TDS meter is a very popular use. At least it is a very popular use among fish tank owners. Fish require a certain TDS or total dissolved solids that is similar to the natural environment to which that type of fish originally lived.

The specific requirement of TDS varies with different types of fish. Fresh water fish require a TDS of less than 400ppm or parts per million. Then some fresh water fish require even less than that. Meanwhile, salt water fish require a TDS of as low as 5000 ppm and as high as 50,000 ppm. This varies drastically from freshwater fish.

Many fish owners use a TDS meter to take readings of the water in their aquariums and make sure that the TDS or total dissolved solids is in the range that it should be to keep their fish alive and healthy.


A TDS meter is very useful when it comes to hydroponics. It can measure the nutrient concentration of a hydroponic solution which can be an indication of health.

Pools and Spas

A TDS meter can be used to measure the total dissolved solids of both pools and spas. The lower the TDS, the better. A low TDS reading or lower parts per million (ppm), can help to reduce algae blooms, maintenance problems, and even skin irritation.

The TDS meter

There are many uses for a TDS meter both residential and commercial uses. There are also different levels of TDS meters as well. If you are looking to purchase a TDS meter for any of the uses indicated above, the best way to find a good meter is to go online. Search for TDS meters and you’ll find that there is a whole list of websites that manufacture and sell TDS meters.